ALUMINIUM CONF: INTERVIEW: China can't export its way out of overcapacity - UC Rusal

China will not be able to export its way out of the country's aluminium over-capacity problem, a senior executive at UC Rusal told Metal Bulletin.

Steve Hodgson, Rusal's director of sales and marketing, said that the pressure is building in China, where a significant portion of capacity is operating below the cost of production. "I don't believe China will export its way out of the problem. The pressure is building, and the pressure relief valve is not necessarily an increase in exports, I don't think that's inevitable," he said. "You have to think, is capacity going to be curtailed in China? And you have to believe that that's going to be the case," he added. Speaking during an interview at Metal Bulletin's 30th International Aluminium conference in Vancouver, Hodgson said that he certainly does not believe the Chinese government will want to incentivise more metal to be exported out of China; "it's not in their interest." "There's quite a lot of publicity around the shapes that have been exported, and there is attention being drawn to the...


Andrea Hotter

September 23, 2015

23:50 GMT