UK STEEL FORUM: UK steel industry facing 'perfect storm' alone without government intervention

The UK steel industry is facing a “perfect storm” and needs the government to take five urgent steps to ensure it can survive, delegates heard at the UK Steel Forum in London, UK, on Thursday September 24.

More than 120 UK steel industry representatives gathered in Westminster, London, were told that the British government needed to take more measures immediately to support the industry.

The proposed measures included bringing forward the implementation of the energy-intensive industries (EII) compensation package before April 2016, reducing business rates for capital-intensive firms in line with their European competitors, consider derogation requests for meeting the EU Industrial Emissions Directive (IED), continue supporting EU-level action on anti-dumping measures, and investing in infrastructure projects that...


Taku Dzimwasha

September 24, 2015

21:37 GMT