UK aluminium scrap price falls slow

The recent falls in UK aluminium scrap prices have slowed as the supply surplus has eased, with less aluminium scrap being collected domestically and more material being sold into international markets.

Loose old rolled cuttings fell to £650-680 per tonne from £670-690 previously; cast wheels narrowed to £910-940 per tonne from £910-970; commercial turnings reached £560-600 from £580-620; and group 7 turnings fell to £410-450 per tonne from £450-470. But the free-falling prices of the last few weeks have stopped, and, tellingly, the pure grade scrap prices did not fall despite a weakening in the London Metal Exchange aluminium price since last week. “A...


Jethro Wookey

September 30, 2015

16:36 GMT