OBITUARY: Claude Dauphin, founder of Trafigura, 1951-2015

In the fiercely competitive and unsentimental world of commodities trading, Claude Dauphin, who died on September 30 aged 64, will be remembered fondly as one of the few titans of the industry, and one of its true pioneers.

Claude Dauphin, 1951-2015 As founder of one of the world’s largest commodities trading houses, Dauphin stands alongside Marc Rich in terms of both his ambition and success, but from the outset, he wanted to build Trafigura into a markedly different business from the trading powerhouse he had seen Rich create. Where Rich had recognised and seized an opportunity to break the monopoly in the US oil industry by allying himself with the heads of the largest rival oil-producing nations, Dauphin saw a very different opportunity as he started to build Trafigura with five fellow former Marc Rich + Co employees in 1993. What he recognised was that in a globalising, industrialising and urbanising world, the demand for physical marketing expertise, risk management and sophisticated and extensive logistics services would increase dramatically, and a company that could combine these things would be able to exploit huge inefficiencies and disconnects that were starting...


Mark Burton

October 08, 2015

17:22 GMT