PRICING NOTICE: Initial feedback supports FeNb price; moots new possibilities for tungsten

Metal Bulletin launched a consultation at the end of August on the possibility of launching US-based ferro-titanium, ferro-tungsten and ammonium paratungstate prices, as well as European ferro-niobium and ferro-boron prices.

Here, we pull together the initial feedback, which suggests there is support for a European ferro-niobium price, although a possible ferro-boron price has not generated enough interest.
For ferro-niobium, the specification below has been suggested:
- Nb min 63% (possibly 65%)
- C 0.2%
- Si 3.0%
- Al 2.0% max
- S 0.1%, max
- Priced in US dollars per kg Nb
- Lot size of 5-24 tonnes

Metal Bulletin continues to seek comments on specifications and delivery...


Claire Hack

October 13, 2015

01:24 GMT

New York