Yunnan government presses Kunming to safeguard Fanya investors’ legal interests

The Yunnan regional government has told the authorities in the city of Kunming to safeguard Fanya investors’ legal interests, it said on Saturday October 17.

The move will raise the hopes of investors in the Kunming-based minor metals exchange that China’s authorities want them to have a fair settlement of what would otherwise be losses of many millions of dollars. The Yunnan government said it is paying great attention to the requests of the Fanya minor metals exchange investors and that the Kunming authorities should take effective measures to resolve the situation. According to the Yunnan provincial government’s local news website, the following steps are being taken: • The Kunming city government is checking on Fanya’s capital and cargoes. The city government has acquired Fanya’s trading data since the exchange was established in 2011, and has...


October 19, 2015

12:18 GMT