INT'L FERRO-ALLOYS CONF: Diversification needed for FeTi producers to survive

Producers of ferro-titanium must look to diversify in order to survive, a producer told Metal Bulletin on the sidelines of the 31st International Ferro-Alloys conference in Prague.

“We’ve got trials [of other products] ongoing…Producing [standard lumpy] ferro-titanium isn’t going to make anyone rich,” he said. The whole industry is in a period of cutting cost and output, the producer said, and even areas previously seen as providing some hope may no longer be relied upon. Demand from India, for example, has been mooted as a potential saving grace for the ailing ferro-titanium spot market, but this is now looking less promising, he added. “Even [some companies in India] are starting to...


Claire Hack

November 09, 2015

16:25 GMT