Two-tier zinc market looms as banks step up checks on collateralised metal

Banks financing zinc metal or accepting it as collateral, as well as those buying the metal, are beginning to scrutinise the material more closely, traders have told Metal Bulletin.

Market participants said that both banks and buyers are starting to be more particular about the material they finance, and are asking for pictures of the material more often, as well as some asking for “guaranteed age” material to ensure that it has not been sat in warehouses for too long. This is in part as a result of market participants receiving warranted or re-warranted material that is dirty, and some apparently “good delivery” material which cannot be tied to a specific certificate of analysis (CoA). Such a guarantee of age would usually form part of the producer’s original CoA, but in some circumstances – particularly in the cases of large volumes being bought – while the CoA is available it is difficult to link a specific certificate to a specific lot. According to the LME rulebook, “on request, the warehouseman is obliged to submit to the holder of the warrant,...


James Heywood

November 16, 2015

14:20 GMT