Cobalt prices hit fresh multi-year lows on excess spot availability

The low-grade cobalt price hit a fresh 34-month low today, after offers were slashed as sellers tried to secure good tonnage businesses.

Low-grade cobalt dropped a further 30 cents to $10.50-11.50 per lb on Wednesday November 18, down more than $3 over the past five months, and sitting at its lowest point since January 2013.
High-grade cobalt dropped to $11-11.75 from $11.15-12 on Friday November 13.
The price falls were attributed to excess spot availability, particularly as some producers come under pressure to offload, offering widely to consumers and traders.

“They’ve built up a lot of inventory that they have to move, so there’s...


Fleur Ritzema

November 18, 2015

16:20 GMT