Chinese NPI producers will jointly cut output by 20% in 2016

Eleven Chinese high-grade nickel pig iron (NPI) producers have reduced their 2016 production plans by 20%, according to a joint statement released last week.

The statement, which follows similar allied production cuts by other industry participants last month, did not break down the planned production figures. 

The NPI producers listed in the statement were: Suqian Xiangxiang industrial Co (in Jiangsu province), Liaoning Baobo Technology Co, Liaoning Guorun Metal Group Co, Shangdu Zhongjian Jinma Metallurgy Chemical Co (in Inner Mongolia province), Inner Mongolia Heyi Nickel & Chrome Co (in Inner Mongolia province), Inner Mongolia Shuofeng Industrial Co, Huade County Tongsheng Alloy Co (in Inner Mongolia province), Liaoning Shengyun Industrial Development Co,...


Ellie Wang

December 21, 2015

14:05 GMT