What next for global metals in 2016: The Metal Bulletin 2016 survival kit

2015 was all about faltering demand growth, surplus metal, and markets that ground ever lower as a result, which cumulatively took out production and even encouraged some companies to attempt to default on contracts.

Our view is that this low-price environment is likely to continue into 2016, with production shutdowns, rights issues and the consolidation and the sale and purchase of assets a consequence. There may be more room on the upside than the downside now. But if 2015 was a tough year, 2016 could yet prove to be its ugly twin.   So how will this affect you and your business, how should you prepare and is there anything you can do to protect and grow your business? To answer these questions the Metal Bulletin editorial team has put together a series of 9 special reports titled the Metal Bulletin ‘2016 Survival Kit’… Metal Bulletin ‘2016 Survival Kit’ special reports…  1. Metal Bulletin’s 2015 markets review  2. 2016: What Next for Metal? 3. China’s SRB Revealed - Shedding Light on the State Reserve Bureau  4. The rise and stumble of the BRICs  5. Aluminium: The irresistible rise of the...


January 06, 2016

12:19 GMT