2015 REVIEW: Steel trade cases in numbers

Throughout 2015, steel market participants from around the world have expressed their support for free trade.

In fact, “free and fair” is the reference term that is most commonly used and it is the perceived lack of “fairness” that turned last year into one of the busiest for erecting barriers against the flow of ferrous products, particularly from China.
Steel First has done some number-crunching on the trade cases initiated and closed last year, as well as those with a decision still pending at December 31, 2015.
Initiated cases in 2015
A total of 87 trade cases were initiated in 2015, according to Steel First’s calculations, including anti-dumping, anti-subsidy or countervailing, anti-circumvention, anti-absorption, safeguarding, exemption and public interest inquiries, as well as interim and expiry reviews.

Australia was clearly the most active initiator of trade cases last year. This is somewhat ironic, considering the country’s small share of global steel production.

It produced 4.542 million tonnes of crude...


Nina Nasman

January 18, 2016

19:42 GMT