PRICING NOTICE: Conclusion of review into changing the frequency of Chinese domestic ferro-silicon assessments

After a review and consultation with the market, which ended on February 3, from February 5, Metal Bulletin will price its Chinese free market in-warehouse ferro-silicon price on a fortnightly basis, rather than weekly as it did previously.

The price will be published once every two weeks, on Fridays.
The full specification for the price assessment will be as follows:
Description: Ferro-silicon, min 75%, China domestic*
Price: Yuan per tonne, in-warehouse China, price for all Si grades normalised to 75% on a pro rata basis
Si: 75-80%
Mn: 0.4% max
Al: 2.0% max
Cr: 0.3% max
P: 0.035% max
S: 0.02% max
C: 0.1% max
Form: Lumps
Lot size: 100T minimum
Payment terms: cash, other payment terms normalised
Assessment: On alternate Fridays by Metal Bulletin’s Shanghai office, except when that office is closed for public holidays. Such times will be notified well in advance.
Publication: Between 2pm and 3pm London time on alternate Fridays.
*The description has been simplified from the previous version: Ferro-silicon Metal Bulletin Chinese free market min 75% in warehouse China RMB per tonne
If you have any comments or wish to participate in pricing, please contact Ellie Wang at
If you have any questions about Metal Bulletin’s general pricing methodology and policy, please contact market data and compliance manager Paolo Sorze at or Metal Bulletin editor Alex Harrison at
Ellie Wang
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Ellie Wang


Ellie Wang

February 03, 2016

10:04 GMT