Riva Group challenges ‘inaccurate’ EU claims about Ilva’s pollution

The Riva Group has challenged the stance of the European Commission (EC) on Ilva’s environmental record in a letter to competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager.

Riva, the former owner of Ilva, has claimed that statements made by the EC referring to the environmental damage at the Italian steelmaker’s Taranto plant are “incorrect and/or inaccurate in many material respects”.
The EC’s statements were made as it announced on January 20 that it had opened an in-depth inquiry to assess whether Italian state support for Ilva was in line with EU rules on state aid.
“Ilva has failed to comply with environmental standards for many years, leading to serious environmental and health problems in the Taranto area,” the EC said as it announced its probe into state funding.

“Since June 2013, Ilva has been under the extraordinary administration of [Italian] government-appointed...


Francesca Washtell

February 18, 2016

19:20 GMT