COMMENT: EU steel has too many messages, too little solidarity

The European steel industry is fighting many battles in its attempts to ensure survival these days. Will it win the war?

More than 5,000 people marched in support of steelmaking in Europe, in Brussels on Monday February 15, and their protest helped to lift the mood at the 20th Handelsblatt Stahlmarkt 2016 conference in Düsseldorf on Tuesday and Wednesday.
The protest in the European Union’s administrative centre focused on the need for the EU to take a stronger stand against the dumping of cheap steel into its markets, particularly from China, and to urge a “no” vote on China’s application for market economy status (MES).
Those messages were reiterated at the conference.
Hans Jürgen Kerkhoff, president of German steel federation WV Stahl, described the possibility of China gaining MES at the end of this year as “grotesque”.

The preliminary anti-dumping duties recently imposed by the European Commission on cold...


Vera Blei

February 19, 2016

15:10 GMT