EC to scrap ‘lesser-duty rule’ to streamline import investigations

The European Commission (EC) is aiming to cut the consultation process for anti-dumping investigations by up to two months, it said in an official communication on Wednesday March 16.

To accelerate the adoption of provisional anti-dumping measures the commission is proposing dropping the ‘lesser-duty rule’, increasing the use of written consultations, applying stricter deadlines for the submission of evidence and grouping multiple hearings together.
Lesser-duty rule
The EC said “the rationale for the removal of the lesser-duty rule should apply to the steel sector”.
The lesser-duty rule, which is currently mandatory under European Union (EU) anti-dumping legislation, requires the EU to calculate a "dumping margin" and an "injury margin" and subsequently to apply the lower of these as the rate of duty.

“We will take steps...


Viral Shah

March 16, 2016

17:46 GMT