INTERVIEW – GARRY JONES: LME will expand incentive programmes into other metals, may include money managers

The London Metal Exchange will extend its incentive programmes into other metals and could broaden the scope of the schemes to include money managers, the exchange's ceo said.

It is also looking at an options incentive programme as well as the introduction of a programme for active traders, Garry Jones told Metal Bulletin in an interview. The move is part of a drive to boost participation and enhance liquidity, known as the Liquidity Roadmap. Launched last year, it currently includes two new one-year incentive programmes for electronic trading in copper, aluminium and zinc which both apply to outright three-month and third-Wednesday futures contracts, and the spread between the two. One programme is for existing users of the LME; the other is for new users only. The schemes will be expanded to add nickel, lead and tin, Jones said. "We don't have a date, but the expansion has been approved internally and is expected to launch soon,” he added. LME ceo Garry Jones The inclusion in the programmes of money managers – hedge funds, commodity trade advisory players, asset managers and...


Andrea Hotter

March 22, 2016

00:05 GMT

New York