NICKEL & CHROME CONF: Nine things we learned in Chengdu

Here are the key things we learned at the Nickel & Chrome conference on Friday March 11 in Chengdu.

High-carbon ferro-chrome bid prices are at a ten-year low At the beginning of March, China’s top four stainless steel mills cut their high-carbon ferro-chrome bid prices to 4,680 yuan ($723.74) per tonne, the lowest price in nearly ten years. Since December 2015, Chinese high-carbon ferro-chrome bid price has decreased by 1,000 yuan per tonne, including delivery, on a cash basis. The spot price of high-carbon ferro-chrome is much higher than long contract prices now, supported by production costs from strong chrome ore prices. North China is the ferro-chrome powerhouse Chinese ferro-chrome producers are mostly located in Inner Mongolia, Shanxi Province, Qinghai Province, Sichuan Province and Guizhou Province. Of which, northern Chinese ferro-chrome producers feed more than 70% of the ferro-chrome demand from Chinese stainless steel mills. Currently,...


Ellie Wang

March 21, 2016

10:17 GMT