Daye Nonferrous will begin concentrates blending operation in Malaysia – sources

Daye Nonferrous, one of China’s major copper smelters, plans to start a concentrates blending operation in Malaysia’s Port Klang, two sources familiar with the matter told Metal Bulletin.

Daye Nonferrous has tapped into the concentrates blending market by buying a Malaysian company named Qiansheng, and it expects the business to be operational by the middle of this year, one of the source said.
Through Qiansheng, Daye Nonferrous owns both a blending licence and warehouses in Malaysia, which makes the planned operation easier, the source added.
Due to the exploitation of several new high-arsenic copper deposits and unexpected spikes in the arsenic content of existing mines, blending facilities have become an integral part of the trade in copper concentrates in recent years.

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Kiki Kang

April 08, 2016

08:00 GMT