MINOR METALS CHINA – March: Selenium prices fall sharply; indium prices rise; antimony dips

Chinese selenium prices fell rapidly in March on oversupply and weak demand; indium prices rebounded on export orders plus purchases by a major market participant for delivery to the State Reserve Bureau (SRB); while antimony, bismuth, germanium and gallium prices were all slightly lower on shrinking demand and plentiful supply.

Selenium Metal Bulletin’s assessment for Chinese selenium and selenium dioxide dropped by 19.57% and 10.71% to 85-100 yuan ($13.15-15.47) per kg and 60-65 yuan per kg, respectively, at the end of March. Prices for germanium and gallium were under pressure in March as supply surpassed demand. Three gallium producers announced plans to cut output in late March in the hope of seeing stocks consumed and stopping prices from falling further. “Companies which solely process gallium products are suffering losses and only those plants that produce gallium as a byproduct are profitable now,” a big gallium producer told Metal Bulletin. “We will stop production if gallium prices slide further and will not resume it until prices rise to a profitable level,” the source added. The germanium market was dull in March and prices maintained a downward trend for the entire course of the month. ...


Anna Xu

April 13, 2016

11:18 GMT