COMMENT: How auto aluminium demand will weigh on downstream markets

The push into the automotive industry by major aluminium producers is threatening some of the light metal’s more traditional end markets, with the trend for converting other types of sheet capacity to automotive sheet showing no signs of slowing.

The aluminium-bodied 2015 Ford F-150 pickup truck has been a success overall. Given the need for all original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to make significant weight savings to meet emissions regulations, it is likely that other companies will follow Ford’s lead.
In a conference call for Citi clients, industry consultant Mark Bodner named the GM Sierra, the Dodge Ram, the Nissan Frontier, and the Toyota Tundra, among others, as vehicles that will become aluminium-bodied.

In the US market last year, those vehicles sold almost 1 million units combined –...


Jethro Wookey

April 17, 2016

15:00 GMT