China's stainless steel consumption continues to rise

Earlier this month, the sister organization of the WSA, the ISSF, published their first estimates for stainless steel production in 2015.

      They confirmed, contrary to Metal Bulletin Research's initial expectations of a 1% rise, that China’s stainless steel production fell last year by 0.6%, enough to tip the entire stainless market into a decline of 0.4%. China’s erosion was due entirely to a sharp, by Chinese standards, 6% erosion in the final quarter. Metal Bulletin Research have detailed before how some of that production restraint had not actually reflected demand and more a need, particularly among ferritic stainless producers, to charge higher prices for ferritic steels, such as CR430 covered in the tracker. As the chart shows, Metal Bulletin Research calculate that apparent consumption, on a crude steel basis, which involves converting finished steel...


Robert Cartman

April 29, 2016

00:00 GMT