CHENGDU MINOR METALS CONF: Ghost of Fanya haunts China's minor metals market

Chinese minor metals markets will remain challenging, amid oversupply and Fanya inventory concerns, an industry association official told the Minor Metals Forum in Chengdu this month.

Companies interested in investing in minor metals “should be cautious”, Feng Juncong, secretary general of China Non-ferrous Metals Industry Assn (CNIA), told the conference.
Feng’s opinion was shared by market participants, as almost none of the delegates at the conference surveyed by Metal Bulletin said they are bullish in their outlook, at least for the foreseeable future.

No one was bullish about the overall outlook at the Minor Metals Forum in Chengdu
Germanium prices may remain depressed in the year ahead, amid lingering concerns over oversupply and stock levels at the Fanya minor metals exchange, which collapsed last year, delegates said. 
No one polled was prepared to suggest any support level for the minor metal at the conference, even though current prices are already below production costs.

“Germanium prices have broken through the production cost level, and many processors are suffering losses,” Teresa Du, sales manager...


Anna Xu

May 18, 2016

11:38 GMT