HIGHLIGHTS: Scrap deadlock broken, Aço Brasil conf, UK steel Brexit analysis...

Editor Vera Blei reviews the main news covered by Steel First over the past week.

Turkish scrap traders finally broke their one-month silence and booked five deep-sea cargoes on Wednesday-Thursday June 8-9.
Turkish steel mills continued to make deep-sea scrap bookings on Friday June 10 as well, bringing the week’s total to seven cargoes.
The daily index for Northern Europe-origin HMS 1&2 (80:20) closed the week at $225.07 per tonne cfr Turkey, while the index for similar material from the USA closed at 232.48 per tonne cfr.
Taiwan’s import prices for containerised HMS-grade scrap have gone up for the first time since the end of April, as US suppliers raised their offer prices amid limited cargo availability to the East Asian island.

Import prices for Chinese billet in Southeast Asia continued to head south...


Vera Blei

June 10, 2016

21:20 GMT