LME WEEK ASIA: HKEX physical trade platform will offer safer investment options in China – Charles Li

Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing’s (HKEX) planned physical trading platform in Shenzhen’s Qianhai district will create paths to safe assets and cheaper financing for Chinese investors, ceo Charles Li said at LME Week Asia in Hong Kong on Tuesday June 14.

“China has large trading volumes on the futures market, which is many, many times the global amount of commodity trading […] Meanwhile, China’s real economy is not able to truly deliver to that futures market. That futures market is not really fundamentally serving the real economy,” Li said in a seminar at the week-long event.

Charles Li, ceo, HKEX

The country has massive amounts of...


Kiki Kang

June 14, 2016

10:19 GMT

Hong Kong