UK votes to leave EU, PM resigns, domestic steel industry shocked

The UK steel industry has expressed its concern over the result of the country’s referendum on its membership of the EU, after 51.90% of the population voted to leave.

UK prime minister David Cameron announced his resignation on the morning of Friday June 24, having campaigned for the defeated Remain side. His replacement as Conservative Party leader is expected to be in the role before the party conference in October.
Voter turnout on Thursday June 23 was 72.20%, meaning 33,551,983 of a total electorate of 46,501,241 cast their votes. The result was announced early on June 24.
The local result in Neath-Port Talbot in South Wales, where Tata Steel’s 4.90 million-tpy steel plant is located, saw 56.80% of the electorate vote to leave the EU on a turnout of 71.50%.
Industry body UK Steel said the decision to leave the EU is a challenge “like no other” for the country's steel industry.

“The decision to leave the EU will send shockwaves across the UK’s steel industry,” Gareth Stace, director of...


Viral Shah

June 24, 2016

11:39 GMT