ANALYSIS: EU steel importers hit back at proliferating trade probes

Trade defence investigations into steel products are popping up at a faster rate than ever before in Europe, but so is resistance against them.

In the first half of this year, the European Commission (EC) launched four new anti-dumping investigations and one anti-subsidy investigation targeting steel products, mainly from China. This compared with a total of three anti-dumping probes and one anti-subsidy probe launched in the whole of 2015.
Rumours of more countries and products soon to be targeted have circulated in the market, amid repeated calls for a level playing field in the face of global steelmaking overcapacity.

Much is heard of the benefits to be gained from protectionist measures – growth in prices, market share and earnings – for the domestic steel industry, which is supported by the powerful lobbying efforts of the European steel association, Eurofer.
“Without protective tariffs on key flat steel products in the EU, [price] premiums may not be sustainable and [steelmakers’] earnings may miss our forecasts,” investment bank Citi commented in a research note published in late June.



Nina Nasman

Maria Tanatar

July 01, 2016

17:17 GMT

London, Dnepropetrovsk