Tsingshan’s Indonesian NPI is still heading to China

Tsingshan Group will continue to ship its Indonesian nickel pig iron (NPI) output to China until its Indonesian stainless steel plant is operational, Metal Bulletin has learned.

Chinese customs data show China imported 60,244 tonnes of ferro-nickel (tax code 72026000, including nickel pig iron, NPI) from Indonesia in June, implying that Zhejiang-province-based Tsingshan’s Indonesian NPI is still being shipped to its Chinese stainless steel facility. Market participants had thought that less Indonesian NPI would be shipped to China in June as a result of Tsingshan’s pilot production that month, believing that the company’s Indonesian NPI would be fed into its own Indonesian stainless steel mill, but the Chinese customs data released on Thursday July 21 revealed the true picture.  Indonesia’s ferro-nickel (including NPI) exports to China surged after Tsingshan successfully put the second stage of its NPI project in Indonesia into operation on...


Ellie Wang

July 22, 2016

12:07 GMT