LMEselect 3M copper volumes fall in July as pressure to cut fees grows

London Metal Exchange electronic three-month copper volumes fell by more than 20% in July, fuelling talk that the exchange will decide to reduce fees.

The LME said that three-month trading on LMEselect “retreated over 20% as volatility eased” from June's level, which saw one of the highest three-month electronic copper volumes on record.
But third-Wednesday copper traded 2,228 lots, an increase from the prior month.
“Electronic third-Wednesday trading had increased even as three-month and associated carry trading declined last month,” the LME said.
“Three-month outright and three-month to third-Wednesday volume retreated sharply from a near-record June,” the LME added.



Andrea Hotter

August 05, 2016

16:27 GMT

New York