Nickel could be at the start of a new long-term growth cycle, says Jinchuan chairman Yang

Recent gains in the price of nickel may indicate the start of a new long-term growth cycle for the alloying metal, the, chairman of Jinchuan Group said in an article this week.

“Nickel's fundamentals have improved as de-profiting comes to the end in the industry, plus unfolding de-capacity, as well as huge potential room for future new consumption fields mean nickel has become one of most promising metals for investment,” Yang Zhiqiang said in an article published on Jinchuan’s website. Yang cited four factors including improved fundamentals, major structural adjustments in the industry, changes in consumption structures, and  the historical record of nickel prices to support his positive point view. Better fundamentals The global market will see a continuous nickel deficit nickel from 2016, as continuous falls in nickel prices since 2007 have led to a reduction in supply and increases...


Linda Lin

August 18, 2016

07:50 GMT