PT Antam hopes to export nickel ore as Indonesia mulls policy relaxation [UPDATED]

The Indonesian government is mulling a relaxation of its exports policy, a move that may allow domestic producer PT Antam to export nickel ore in the future, the company said this week.

“The company welcomes and fully supports the plan […] [to relax the current export policy]. The plan is currently [being] initiated by the government through the ministry of energy and mineral resources,” PT Antam said on Thursday September 7.
“If Antam got [the] credential to export […] nickel ore, we will [be able to] allocate […] high-grade nickel ore to support domestic smelters,” Tedy Badrujaman, Antam’s president director, said in the statement.
“[While,] the unprocessed nickel ore which cannot be consumed domestically will be exported,” he said, adding that this ore will be [of a] higher grade than nickel ore from the Phillipines.
Metal Bulletin assessed nickel ore 1.8% cif China price at $50-52 per tonne on September 6, unchanged week-on-week.
The assessment for 1.5% nickel ore cif China stood at $35-36, up from $34.5-36 a week earlier.

The announcement from PT Antam follows a meeting organised...


Deepali Sharma

September 09, 2016

10:15 GMT