Monetisation of Indonesian nickel ore through exports unwise – ISPA exec

Exports of nickel ore from Indonesia will further hit global nickel prices and potentially discourage investors of downstream facilities in the country, executive chairman of the Indonesian Smelter and Mineral Processing Association (ISPA) Vince Gowan told Metal Bulletin on Wednesday October 12.

“It is not the government’s intention to relax ores’ exports rules but they are holding meetings to understand what kind of incentives may be offered to find a way for Indonesia to use its nickel ore,” Gowan told Metal Bulletin.
Tax benefits for producers of low-grade ore and allowing exports of certain types of steel raw materials are some alternatives to allowing exports, he added.
Last month, PT Antam had said that it welcomed and supported the government’s plans to relax the export policy, citing technological and economic challenges in Indonesia to process the mineral ore produced as a by-product of mining activities.

“If Antam got [the] credential to export...


Deepali Sharma

October 12, 2016

11:13 GMT