Brazil’s CBA postpones some deliveries of aluminium ingot, billet – sources

Brazil-based Companhia Brasileira de Alumínio (CBA) has postponed part of its deliveries of aluminium ingot and billet that were due in October, several industry participants told Metal Bulletin.

The postponement is due to a sudden increase in domestic billet sales and an imbalance between the company’s inventories and sales commitments, including ingot exports, according to sources.
“They have been speaking to clients, negotiating to postpone part of their deliveries due to higher demand for billet,” a trader said.
One buyer in Brazil told Metal Bulletin that CBA had rescheduled to November the delivery of 30% of an order that was initially set to be handed over in its entirety in October.
“They will give me 70% now and the remaining volumes next month,” the buyer said, adding that this works well since part of the purchase was destined to restocking and would not be for immediate use.

The final all-in price will remain the same or will even be reduced in November, conditional to the performance of aluminium prices on the London Metal Exchange and of currency...


Danielle Assalve

October 14, 2016

18:03 GMT

Sao Paulo