INTERVIEW: ‘Changes are about to happen’, says Maike’s He Jinbi on the trader’s future

Maike has become one of the top base metal trading firms in China but, moving with the times, it is now seeking new opportunities for growth amid the country’s economic restructuring, founder and chairman He Jinbi said.

Maike Xi’an, an old city in mid-west China’s Shaanxi Province, is known globally for its long history of being the capital of 13 dynasties, including the Qin – from which period the famous terracotta warriors date – the Han and Tang. The city is also the starting point of the ancient Silk Road. Copper played an important role for the area in the age of bronze weapons and it is the region from where the Qin dynasty first unified China. Thousands of years have passed by, but the story linking copper with this old land continues. Founded in Xi’an in 1993 by He Jinbi with a 50,000 yuan loan, Maike now accounts for about 15% of the copper traded in China and over one third of China’s copper imports. The company traded 1.91 million tonnes of copper – up from 1.68 million tonnes in 2014 – and over 1 million tonnes...


Kiki Kang

November 08, 2016

07:00 GMT