Chihong Zn&Ge to shut zinc smelters with low capacities, high costs

China’s Chihong Zn&Ge has decided to shut two zinc smelters, each with an annual capacity of less than 30,000 tonnes, while planning to upgrade another small smelter to a capacity of 50,000 tpy, the company announced on December 26.

The company owns six lead and zinc smelters with a total annual capacity of 402,000 tonnes of electrolytic zinc, 230,000 tonnes of electrolytic lead and 60,000 tonnes of crude lead. Chihong Zn&Ge attributed the shutdowns to the low capacities and high costs of the two small smelters, Yunnan Lancang Lead mine and Daxing’anling...


Anna Xu

December 27, 2016

09:30 GMT