EU stainless surcharges for January rise on nickel price jump

Alloy surcharges for January’s output of grade-304 cold rolled (CR) flat stainless steel in Europe rose by €157-193 ($164-202) per tonne month-on-month, after an increase in the average nickel and chrome price.

The average London Metal Exchange three-month official nickel bid/offer spread between November 21 and December 20 – the period used by producers to calculate January’s surcharge values – was $11,353/11,367 per tonne.
This represented a jump of $584-585 per tonne in the average nickel price from the calculation period for December’s surcharge values, which was $10,768/10,784 per tonne.

The December monthly average price for 6-8%...


Maria Tanatar

Viral Shah

December 28, 2016

17:15 GMT