STEEL MARKET OUTLOOK: Tinplate settlements underline fragility of recent steel price rises

Metal Bulletin Research (MBR) examines whether the disappointingly low tinplate contract settlements in the USA and elsewhere are markers for steel product prices in a broader context.

Last month, MBR discussed the potential outcomes of the annual tinplate negotiations taking place in the USA during late 2016.
At the same time, negotiations were also taking place across Asia and Europe, although tinplate contracts in these regions are generally shorter in timescale – typically, lasting six months in Europe and being renegotiated quarterly in many Asian markets.
As January comes to an end, these negotiations have now been concluded and, as we expected, producers’ success in obtaining higher prices has been limited. Indeed, MBR understands that contract price increases have been settled at levels substantially below what most producers were hoping to achieve.

And while tinplate is a tiny market when compared with the overall carbon...


Metal Bulletin Research

January 30, 2017

09:48 GMT