FORECAST: Antimony price rally will continue as supply issues persist

The rally in antimony prices is showing no signs of abating as supply tightens further and Chinese environmental inspections continue, market sources said.

In Europe, Metal Bulletin’s standard grade II quotation rose 0.90% from the previous assessment to $8,450-8,700 per tonne on Wednesday March 8, while trioxide grade prices remained stable at $8,500-8,800 per tonne. Prices rose by around $200 last week. 
Prices also rose in China this week. The spot market saw deals at 57,000-58,000 yuan ($8,252-8,397) per tonne, up by 2.2% from 55,500-57,000 yuan per tonne last week. Some suppliers refused to offer material this week anticipating further price increases, market sources in China told Metal Bulletin. 
The metal’s prices are underpinned by Chinese environmental inspections in the production hub of Guangxi. Several smelters in the province have already been closed while checks have begun in Hunan.

Antimony smelters with sintering blast furnaces facilities in Guangxi province have been required to stop...


Anna Xu

Ewa Manthey

March 09, 2017

16:30 GMT