IREPAS BUDAPEST: US trade cases 'more political, less fact-based'

Trade defence investigations in the USA are becoming less concerned with whether companies are actually dumping steel products in the country, FD Baysal, president of US trading company Seba International, said this week.

“I’m afraid that, nowadays, trade cases have nothing to do with actual facts. It’s more like they’ll throw [an allegation] against the wall [and] whatever will stick, sticks,” Baysal said at the Steel Orbis 2017 Conference and 76th Irepas (International Rebar Exporters & Producers Assn) meeting in Budapest, Hungary, on Monday March 27.
“It is not about trading any more, it is about what is going to benefit the US economy. [The] USA comes first and they are going to project power in that fashion on a trade basis,” Matthew Nolan, a partner at US law firm Arent Fox, said.

The new US administration under President Donald Trump...


Lee Allen

March 30, 2017

20:30 GMT