USA imposes anti-dumping duties on plate imports from eight nations

The US government’s Department of Commerce has determined final duties on imports of cut-to-length carbon and alloy steel plate from eight nations.

Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan have dumped plate products into the US market, the department said. It therefore assessed anti-dumping margins ranging from as low as 3.62%, in the case of Taiwan’s Shang Chen Steel, to as high as 148.02%, for French steelmaker Industeel France, according to a fact sheet published on Thursday March 30. Commerce also determined that South Korea’s government has provided subsidies to its plate producers, and thus imposed final countervailing duty margins of 4.31% on South Korea-origin plate. Additionally, imports from Austria, Belgium and Italy were assessed with “critical circumstances”, which means that provisional cash deposits will be collected on imports that arrived 90...


Michael Cowden

March 30, 2017

20:07 GMT