Third phase of Tsingshan Group’s Indonesian NPI project adds 60-72kt nickel metal capacity

Tsingshan Group’s Sulawesi project has added 60,000-72,000 tpy of nickel metal capacity to global supply after completing the third phase of its Indonesian nickel pig iron (NPI) project at the end of March.

Tsingshan’s Sulawesi project now has a capacity of 1.5 million tpy of NPI with 10-12% nickel metal content and 20 33,000 kVA electricity furnaces, following the completion of phase three of construction. The third phase added 600,000 tpy of capacity and eight 33,000 kVA furnaces to the operation. Tsingshan’s Indonesian NPI project uses rotary kiln electrical furnace (RKEF) technology to produce cost-advantage...


Ellie Wang

April 20, 2017

10:18 GMT