LIVE FUTURES REPORT 21/04: LME copper price rises; all other base metals drop slightly in morning trading

Copper was the only base metal to see a price increase during morning trading on the London Metal Exchange on Friday April 21.

All other base metals prices fell with the three-month aluminium price falling $2 per tonne and zinc dropping $10.50 per tonne. One trader noted: “The market is looking volatile at the moment; we have had a few quiet days but have recovered from earlier week weakness.” LME copper prices hit three-month lows at the start of this week but have rallied in the past few days – it is currently trading at 0.5% higher than Thursday’s kerb price. “Dip-buying appears to have emerged into the recent weakness in base metals prices, this fits in with...


Alice Mason

April 21, 2017

10:17 GMT