Erdemir Group increases Q1 sales of domestic, export flat steel

Turkish steelmaker the Erdemir Group increased its export and local sales volumes of flat steel in January-March 2017, the company said late last week.

Erdemir Group exported a total of 209,000 tonnes of flat steel products in the first three months of 2017, up by 9.42% from 2016’s 209,000 tonnes.
The group exported 146,000 tonnes to the EU, 16,000 tonnes to the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) region, 3,000 tonnes to North America, 35,000 tonnes to Asia, and 9,000 tonnes to other destinations in the quarter.

The comparative export tonnages in the same period of 2016 were 127,000 tonnes to the EU, 10,000 tonnes to South America, 43,000 tonnes to the Mena region, 4,000 tonnes to Asia, and 7,000 tonnes...


Serife Durmus

April 24, 2017

12:38 GMT