COMMENT: Capturing bauxite price trends in the early stages of market evolution

Spot bauxite prices are up 12% since the start of the year, and as Metal Bulletin prepares to launch reference prices for the bauxite industry later today, it is a clear indication of a market displaying its own fundamentals.

Alumina prices, in contrast, are down 11.5% since the start of the year, according to Metal Bulletin’s fob Australia alumina index, which is widely used in contracts by the alumina market.
But unlike the alumina market, the bauxite industry is yet to reach a consensus on pricing mechanisms, beyond long-term contracts. Bauxite juniors attending Metal Bulletin's 23rd Bauxite & Alumina conference last month sought a value for their assets, but struggled in the absence of a go-to reference price.
This week Metal Bulletin will launch two regional price assessments for the bauxite market, as representative references for bauxite sold on the spot market out of Brazil and Guinea.

Bauxite spot market volumes are thin and still reflect a minority of the sales book that is not captured by integrated activities or long-term contracts, but market players and analysts expect the bauxite market...


Charlotte Radford

April 27, 2017

02:00 GMT