US probe into aluminium imports leaves caution, triumph in air

A sense of victory washed over the US aluminium industry following news that US president Donald Trump signed an executive order launching a self-initiated Section 232 investigation into imports of the product, although some remain concerned.

US workers “have been put under tremendous, tremendous pressure and strain by outside sources - we’re going to end that pressure and strain so [aluminium companies] can grow and hire lots of wonderful [US] workers,” Trump said in signing the order on April 27.
“We are very thankful for the efforts of the Trump administration. [...] This is a vital first step in a finding a long-term solution that will allow us to bring back the thousands of [US] jobs that have been lost,” Michael Bless, president and ceo of USA-based Century Aluminum Co, said in a statement on Thursday.

“We commend the administration's focus on [the USA's] economic and national security interests,” Scott Paul, president of the Washington-based Alliance for American Manufacturing, said in a statement on April 26, ahead of Trump's signing of the order. “But if we're to see real change, this investigation must be followed by appropriate...


Kirk Maltais

April 28, 2017

07:55 GMT