EU stainless surcharges for May fall sharply on FeCr benchmark drop

Alloy surcharges in Europe for May deliveries of grade-304 cold rolled (CR) stainless steel sheet have fallen by €102-119 ($111-130) per tonne month-on-month, Metal Bulletin has heard.

This came after the $0.11 per lb quarter-on-quarter drop in the second-quarter European ferro-chrome benchmark was passed on customers. The benchmark fell to $1.54 per lb, from $1.65 per lb in January-March.

The monthly alloy surcharges for 2mm grade-304 CR stainless steel sheet – based on data published by Outokumpu, Acerinox and Aperam – fell to €1,309-1,350 ($1,426-1,471) per tonne for...


Viral Shah

April 28, 2017

15:00 GMT