WORLD AL RAW MATERIALS SUMMIT: China the only potential seaborne bauxite growth market – Intl Aluminium Institute

With China’s continuous growth in primary aluminium production and changes to global alumina supply, China will become the only seaborne bauxite market to see potential growth, the secretary general of the International Aluminium Institute said at Asian Metal’s World Aluminium Raw Materials Summit on Friday May 19.

“We see a continuous moving forward for global alumina production, particularly for China,” Ron Knapp said at the summit in the Chinese city of Sanya. “Primary [aluminium] continues to dominate supply,” he added. “Global aluminium consumption growth reached 4% in 2016, and it is forecast to grow by 4% in 2017, with China leading the way,” Knapp told delegates. China produced 61 million tonnes of alumina in 2016, which includes 58 million tonnes of smelter-grade alumina – among the latter, 21 million tonnes was produced from...


Susan Zou

May 19, 2017

12:30 GMT