TRADE CASE MONITOR: Around the world in May 2017

As competition in the global steel markets remains fierce, Metal Bulletin provides an update on the new, progressing and closed trade cases from around the world in May 2017.

The case list below includes only updates. For other continuing cases this year, see the January, February, March and April updates. INVESTIGATING REGION Product Origin of products under scrutiny Latest action Next action, if known AUSTRALIA Aluminium-zinc-coated-steel China. Review of anti-dumping measures initiated on May 8. Zinc-coated galvanized steel China, Taiwan. Interim anti-dumping duties raised to 7.84-84.47% on May 12. Galvanized flat steel China. Review on existing anti-dumping duties initiated on May 16. Recommendation to be made by July 26. CANADA Rebar China, Turkey, South Korea. Interim review on anti-dumping, anti-subsidy duties initiated on May 1. Review set to end by September 1, 2017. Fabricated structural steel China. Anti-dumping duty of 32.90% and anti-subsidy duty of 151.70 yuan per tonne...


Ana Paula Camargo

June 01, 2017

10:40 GMT

São Paulo