GLOBAL SILICON WRAP: Chinese silicon price firm on supply constraint; European prices unchanged amid thin trades

Grade 441 and 553 silicon prices in Europe have stabilised in the past week amind brisk trading, while in Asia, the China grade 553 silicon price remained firm, despite some capacity resumption in southern China, which failed to ease supply tightness.

Metal Bulletin assessed grade 441 silicon metal in-warehouse Rotterdam at €1,900-1,980 ($2,144-2,234) per tonne on Friday June 9, unchanged from the previous week.'s assessment. Grade 553 silicon metal in-warehouse Rotterdam prices also remained unchanged at €1,800-1,900 per tonne.
In China, the grade 553 silicon metal export price remained firm at $1,470-1,510 fob China, unchanged from last Friday’s assessment, on continuing tight spot availability.

Chinese suppliers held export offer prices firm, despite overseas buyers bidding much lower, as supply was constrained for both grade 553 and 441, which...


James Heywood

Susan Zou

June 12, 2017

12:19 GMT