GLOBAL SILICON WRAP: Supply tightness in China, USA supports prices; European market stable

Silicon prices in China and the USA remained strong last week on spot supply tightness, while European prices were unchanged in a quiet market.

In China, the grade 553 silicon metal export price was unchanged at $1,470-1,510 per tonne on Friday June 16.  The majority of market players surveyed by Metal Bulletin believe the price will remain stable at this level at least for the next few weeks. Supply tightness in grade 553 silicon has eased slightly with more capacity in southern China resuming in the past few weeks. However, it is still difficult for traders to source material with instant delivery from refineries, market participants told Metal Bulletin. “Refineries don’t have much stock for the spot market. When I booked material from a refinery, I was told the cargoes won’t be delivered until July,” a trader said. With a negative outlook on silicon prices during raining season, refineries in China had been...


Danielle Assalve

Susan Zou

Ewa Manthey

June 19, 2017

16:07 GMT

London, Sao Paulo, Shanghai